Golden Hour Cuff

Golden Hour Cuff


This Cuff was the piece that inspired the GOLDEN HOUR collection, which took me a few attempts to create the piece I had dreamed up in a delirious sun soaked slumber. Mixing Brass and Sterling Silver to forge this ode to the Sun, and its omnipresence during the long hot days of summer here in Texas. Instead of my usual summer blues (I work outside and ride my bike everywhere) I wanted to create pieces that captured my love for the golden hours just before the sun disappears behind the horizon, creating the luminous glow that basks even the dullest of shriveled up trees in the most beautiful light.

A large teardrop Citrine rests in the pinnacle of the piece, and reflects the light with contrast to the darker gun metal finish. The darkened Silver symbolizing the twilight and hazy black that covers the Texas sky and seems to be when the entire world here truly awakens, out of the suns brutal reach. Adjustable in the back to fit most, forged in sturdy 8 gauge silver for a wide comfortable fit on the wrist, even with the size of this Statement Piece.


Cuff Measures 2 in Long

Cuff Measures 1.5 in Across

Yellow Brass and Sterling Silver

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