About the Artist

FoxTrot is the one-woman operation of a self-taught silversmith hailing from the Atlantic, transplanted to the heart of Texas. 

Though I had originally dabbled in wire-wrapping, I decided to pursue metalworking as a way to create more intricate designs and longer lasting  pieces. These pieces can function both as symbols to tell a story and as a wearable totem of protection, harnessing the conductivity of the metal to transfer the healing properties of stone and animal. 

As a musician and hair stylist, I am constantly interacting with people on a very personable level - but now, working behind closed doors creating physical icons that people can connect to is one of my favorite things. I'm still pursuing those other passions, but now home will always be hammering away at a new piece on the anvil. 


Below is a photo of me with my display and setup at the Full Moon Market hosted by the Austin Witches Circle in Austin TX.


Materials and Process

At FoxTrot the majority of the silver we use is from recycled sources. 

All animal byproducts were collected from naturally-deceased animals and hand-processed in our studios. Chemicals used include peroxide, vinegar, and natural decay depending on the item.

All stones used in our jewelry have been charged overnight underneath a full moon.

Every attempt has been made to avoid usage of synthetic caustic chemicals in favor of environmentally-conscious solutions.