Persephone's Petal

Persephone's Petal


This spring has me dwelling on growth and how all which blossoms eventually will decay, and being humans we embody these dualistic themes of light and dark. We continue to dance almost in-betwee worlds; in limbo between creation and destruction. Recently I've become drawn to Persephone and her ties to not only Spring and Flowers, but as a formidable ruler of the underworld. Her story inspired this ring, as a doorknocker is known to be the pathway between two worlds and the flower representative of renewal and change, hopefully spurring the shedding of old outdated ideas and the encouragement to bloom in the darkness left behind.

Homer describes Persephone as the "formidable, venerable majestic princess of the underworld, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead."


Ring Measures 1.5 in long

Ring Measures 1 in wide

100% Sterling Silver

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