Sunburst Pendant

Sunburst Pendant


This Ghost Quartz has yellow and orange inclusions throughout the Point, changing depending on how much light is passing through. Citrine and Garnet rest on top, creating a powerful combination that reminds me of the sun cresting over the horizon and that first glimpse of light.

Pendant Measures 1.25 Across at Widest Point

Pendant Measures 2 in Long

Chain Measures 32 in Long

Citrine, Garnet and Ghost Quartz

100% Sterling Silver


Please handle each item with care, and do not swim, wash your hands while wearing rings, or subject your jewelry  to any unnecessary wear and tear. These pieces are made to be heirlooms, and if properly looked after will stand the test of time. Sterling Silver does tarnish and oxidize (which is a look a prefer for my particular jewelry) but to put some shine back into your jewelry you can use a bristled toothbrush to remove any unwanted tarnish or use a jewelers cloth. I do not recommend soaking any Foxtrot pieces or using anything with harsh bristles as these can loosen the settings or scratch the stones/sterling silver.

I only offer Priority Insurance so that the packages have a tracking number and insurance, which more info can be found about when I ship and Foxtrot policies in the Shipping and Handling section of the website.

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