Sword Of Blood Sz 7.5

Sword Of Blood Sz 7.5


This Sword ring is modeled after the Ace of Swords Ring in my permanent collection. The Ace of Swords is a reminder that we should cut away what no longer serves us, using the severing to help us grow and change for the better. Garnet is referred to as "living fire" and is associated with self empowerment and safety, while these forces combined help with serving clarity and justice the wearer is brave enough to draw it. 

The Sword focuses its attention only on what is important, as it pierces the Crown its message can be strong and forceful. It drives its point home and leaves no room for misunderstanding.  Like a scythe that is used to clear a pathway through undergrowth and weeds, the Sword can cut down and destroy old attitudes and mental processes which may be very painful to experience at the time but are necessary for our continued growth and mental health.  Its blade clears the space for a new way of thinking and fresh approach.  It provides the breeding ground for hatching plans, ideas and concepts.


Ring Measures 1.5 in Long

Ring Measures .75 in Across

Size 7.5

100% Sterling Silver

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